Jul 03 2012

Circus Circus Lunch Buffet – Where did all those kids come from?

We had lunch at the Circus Circus buffet today and boy were there a lot of kids!

Now that’s no problem for us – between us we have 7 kids though ours are older now!

But it made me wonder what the childless couples of the world or those on an adult vacation might think of drinks spilled on the floor, kids rushing by with flashing shoes, and all that screaming!!

Circus Circus really does seem to be a hotel that caters for families so it is to be expected that there’d be heaps of kids around.

You can read my review of the Circus Circus Lunch Buffet here!


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Jun 25 2012

Back to Vegas tomorrow – No More Mondayitis!!

We’ve had a great 3 days of camping at the KOA in Arizona.  It has been particularly hot which has meant we’ve been up out of bed at 8am every morning!

That’s a nice change because when we stay in a hotel in Vegas we drag ourselves out of bed at 11am because the airconditioning is so cold!!  lol

So the next hour or so will be spent scouring Tripres.com and Expedia.com to find a cheap hotel.

I’m feeling a bit partial to another stay at the Luxor!!

We shall see………..

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Oct 16 2011

Upcoming Vegas Visit – 2012!!

News flash! We’ve planned our next trip to Las Vegas!!

I’m so excited I can hardly breathe!!

We have actually lost our minds and decided to quit our jobs and travel for all of next year. Of course that trip would not be complete without our next trip to Sin City!! You can click on our life changing year to see our complete travel plans, but what it means for readers of this site is that you have the chance to request specific information from our next trip.

Do you have a hotel you’d like us to check out? Maybe there’s an attraction that you are considering and you’d like a review? If so leave a note in the comments below or click on our contact page with the details.

We will check it out for you and give you a full description of the highs and lows that we discover, complete with the costs involved.

I can’t wait to plan all the different things we will do. We will be travelling with our children this time so we are expecting lots of time spent trying out various hotel pools!!


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Sep 16 2011

Las Vegas was our best holiday ever!!

Our recent trip to Las Vegas was our best holiday ever!! We visited for my husband’s 50th birthday. We left our children at home and we had a ball!!

To prepare for this trip of a lifetime, I spent many, many hours researching on the internet to plan, book and pay for our trip. I spent hours reading websites, checking maps and generally finding out all that I could about Las Vegas. In Australia tips aren’t expected, so I was especially interested in the etiquette surrounding this particular custom.

What I found in my Las Vegas studies were some really awesome websites that gave loads of information on some of the items that I was interested in. Some sites, while announcing they had full lists of hotels, shopping centres, casinos etc, were just that. Very long lists with addresses and contact details but not much information on what it’s actually like inside these places. What were the people like? Were the beds comfy? Did I NEED to try out that buffet for myself? And what did it all cost?

My aim with this website is to explain in detail what my husband and I experienced on our holiday. I will try to give you an entertaining and accurate description of the places we visited. I’ll list all the places we went, prices we paid, secrets we learned and any other useful information for anyone considering a trip to Sin City.

I also took over 1000 photos so I’ll share some of those too! Please bookmark this site so you can come back often!! I will be adding updates each week. Feel free to contact me if you have specific queries and I’ll try to help where I can.

This is my first website – I hope you find it interesting and helpful!

Viva Las Vegas!!

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